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At Leibel Insurance Group we have products to suit all your needs and the knowledge and experience to get you the best coverage at the lowest possible price. Leibel is big enough to offer competitive markets but small enough to have that personal touch.

Mission Statement

It is Leibel’s mission to provide families, professionals, and corporations the best value while ensuring their homes and businesses are properly protected for any of life’s complications.

Vision Statement

As an Industry leader, Leibel Insurance Group seeks to pave the way for the people of Alberta to take the industry back.  Investing in our clients and employees is the first step in leading the way to keeping insurance local and competitive.

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  • They have been AMAZING! Any time I've called, and had to make changes the girls were so good about it and never gave me a hard time for changing my policy 7 times in the year haha. Excellent company and I would recommend them to all my friends and family!

    Amy Yong