Benefits to
AUPE Members

Leibel Insurance Group is pleased to offer AUPE members, staff and their families a discount of up to 65% on your home, auto, seasonal property, boat, ATV and motorcycle insurance.

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Additional Benefits

Free financing on premiums

Most insurance companies charge between 3 -4 % interest to finance your insurance premiums on a monthly payment plan.

Free legal assistance

Free legal service and calls never affect your policy or claims rating! Confidential answers to your legal questions are just a phone call away.

Free health assistance

When you’ve got a medical question, you have access to healthcare professionals quickly, at anytime from anywhere in North America, at no cost to you.

Guaranteed home repair assistance

Get free, practical advice and guidance for day-to-day home services such as maintenance, repairs or renovations. Repairs are backed by a $1,000 guarantee of workmanship.

Real Estate and mortgage assistance

Receive free advice about home purchase and mortgages quickly without having to commit to an agent or service provider.

Up to 65% off insurance premiums

Contact us today to learn about how you can save up to 65% off of your insurance premiums!

10% discount on pet insurance

Receive a 10% discount on pet insurance through Pet Secure with our LIG group code. Call us today to request the discount code.


Leibel Insurance Group has always given me amazing service with fast and quick responses. Leibel Insurance Group has always given me the best price for car and home insurance. I highly recommend them without any doubts. Thanks again for your great help and price!