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Cyber Attack Avoidance

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Protect your business from a Cyber Attack.

In today’s business world, the event of a cyber attack is no longer a question of if, but a question of when. Leibel Insurance Group has put together a list of ways to help protect your business from a cyber attack. Read below to find out how you can protect yourself and your employees from allowing your business to be the victim of a data breach.

  1. Learn the types. With cyber attacks and ransomware on the rise, it is important to learn the multiple ways you could be susceptible. These attacks come in more forms than one, keep your eye out for emails and text messages that could put your business at risk.
  2. Install security software. Having an up to date security protection program on your computer will help scan emails and files for possible breaches. This will also assist in finding easy to target files to better protect your system ahead of time.
  3. Knowledge is key! Help your staff keep your business safe from breaches by providing them with knowledge and training on phishing emails, texts, and other possible cyber attack opportunities.
  4. Perform regular back ups. Be prepared for the possibility that a cyber breach could happen. Keep up-to-date back ups of your system to protect your files and information.
  5. Use strong passwords. Today there are programs such as LastPass that can generate difficult password codes and vault them in one location. This can be installed on all computers in your office, and can be adjusted for personal and business use. In the event that an employee is no longer with the company, all business associated password access can be revoked.
  6. Have a plan. In the event of a cyber attack, prepare your staff to know how to react. Have a procedure in place that helps staff know what to do. This will help prepare everyone to deal with the situation calmly.
  7. Purchase Cyber Insurance. Protect your business ahead of time. By purchasing cyber insurance coverage you can protect your business from the repercussions of a data breach.

If you are looking for more information on Cyber Insurance and how to protect your business visit Leibel Insurance Group’s Cyber Insurance Page or call our Cyber Insurance specialists at 780-484-8880 today.

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