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Acting as the homepage of the app, your dashboard is where you will be able to see your active policies, as well as access to the rest of the app’s features.

Leibel Insurance App Alberta Canada
Leibel Insurance Group App Alberta

Chat Feature

Use the chat feature to connect with Leibel Insurance Group. During business hours, the chat feature connects you directly to Leibel’s in-house service team.

My Docs

My Docs gives you secure access to your policy documents, pink card liability slip, and claim documents. You may also add images of our driver’s license and vehicle ownership documents. This feature keeps track of all your documents and important paperwork in one place.

LI Group Insurance App
Leibel Insurance App Alberta Canada

Policy Changes

Update your policies on the go by visiting the Policy Changes feature. You can make changes such as updating your mailing address and contact information all from the app. Each change revision is logged on the app and can be easily tracked from the broker’s end.


The History feature keeps records of claims and policy changes entered by through the app.

My Inbox

Keep a record of the notifications you receive from the app. If Leibel sends your phone a push notification you can access the notification at any time by visiting My Inbox.

Get a Quote

The Get a Quote feature allows app users to quickly file out a contact form looking for a quote. Currently available for auto and property quote requests only, other products will be added in future.

Leibel Insurance App Alberta Canada
Leibel Insurance App Alberta Canada

Start A Claim

The Claim feature allows you to collect necessary information at the scene of an incident. If you are in a car accident, or your basement floods, the Claim feature keeps track of all the necessary information you will require to submit your claim. All information you collect is converted into a pdf file and can be emailed to your broker.

Find Services

Enjoy an extensive list of preferred vendors Leibel Insurance has teamed up with to provide exclusive discounts to Leibel clients. Search by location and service to find deals on anything from security systems for your home to savings on your next windshield repair.

Broker Info

Broker Info provides you with a general list of hours of operation. Plus, our locations and contact information.


Update your password or pin, and change your notification settings for the mobile app.

Leibel Insurance App Alberta Canada

Telephone: 866-484-8880
Fax: 780-484-7879
E-mail: [email protected]
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