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Drainage and Flood – Steps to take before, during and after a flood

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Zeeshan Jamil
Zeeshan Jamil
16:53 30 Oct 18
I recently purchased my commercial van Insurance through Leibel Insurance Group. I was helped by Monique Bradley. I usually don't write much reviews, But her service inspired me to go and write a comment as people like her needs to be appreciated because I believe she stands out in her skills. She was very knowledgeable, she listened to me very carefully and understood very clearly what I wasnt in my policy and then tailored it with perfection. Therefore I highly recommend Leibel Insurance group and especially to ask for Monique Bradley... Cheers!!!!!
Allan George
Allan George
16:47 30 Oct 18
Monique at LIG has been more than helpful and polite on every occasion/interaction. I've never had such exceptional service. She is extremely organized, punctual, and personable. I would recommend Monique to anyone looking for insurance help in a heartbeat.
VK Marquez
VK Marquez
16:58 23 Oct 18
Dealing with Krista was fantastic!! I called in on behalf of my mother in law with hopes of getting her insured. Krista was attentive and on top of it all. She was thorough, kind and courteous from beginning to end. She replys quickly to your questions via email or phone. She was busy at a convention, left so that she could help us with finalizing our policy. Thank you Krista for all of your. Come January, I will be contacting Krista directly to obtain a policy of my own.
Rae Shungur
Rae Shungur
19:02 22 Oct 18
Travis and his team were amazing! Understanding my insurance needs didn't have me in tears...for the FIRST TIME EVER! They were timely, caring and I felt like I was their number 1 priority. Thanks again!!!
Allie Morris
Allie Morris
17:13 13 Oct 18
I was at my wits end with my previous insurance broker as I got 3 business day notice before my policy (which is suppose to automatically renew) was no longer offered with my current insurance broker. So my rates have tripled and they just wanted me to settle with my new policy and didn't help me get a lower rate with another insurance company. Krista Wilson with Leibel was a breath of fresh air she was super helpful, quick and found me the best rate that almost matched my current rate and she even assisted me letting me know the paperwork I needed to find to get an even lower rate. You can tell she really loves and enjoys her job and helping people out.
Ryan Maas
Ryan Maas
16:48 17 Sep 18
Amazing group! They always look after my needs and are informative and prompt. Keep up the great work! Thanks!
Kristina Free
Kristina Free
22:55 30 Aug 18
Tracey Leblanc gives excellent service. No matter what my questions are or the time of day I email/contact her, she is always prompt with her reply. Extremely prompt customer service! Best Insurance I have ever delt with! Thanks Tracey !! Highly Recommended !!
Gillyn Parker
Gillyn Parker
22:00 30 Aug 18
I had issues with my previous insurance provider so I went looking for a new one. Found Sarah Milenbach from Leibel Insurance Group Edmonton was amazing! She is kind, thorough, and incredibly helpful! I am very impressed and happy with the service and my new policy. I highly recommend!!
Mary Jarvina
Mary Jarvina
18:49 22 Aug 18
Krista Wilson is super duper awesome! She got everything done in a timely manner and I am so impressed with her customer service. I've dealt with the run around with other insurance brokers and she was straight to the point. Thanks Krista 😀
Danny Greenbank
Danny Greenbank
19:25 17 Aug 18
Jessica was amazing to deal with! From getting quotes to answering questions to finalizing paperwork she was prompt and attentive. I put a high value on professional and quality service and I believe as long as she is in the business I will be dealing with her. Thank you so much for everything!
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A flooded yard or basement can cause serious damage to your property, and cost you, the homeowner, time, money and inconvenience.

It’s important to know that standard homeowners insurance doesn’t cover damage caused by flood. The Canadian government offers help for homeowners affected by large flood losses through the Disaster Recovery Program (DRP).

You may not be able to stop an oncoming flood, but you may be able to mitigate some of its damage by knowing what to do before, during and after one of nature’s most devastating perils.

What to do BEFORE a flood:

  • Install backflow valves or standpipes to prevent sewer lines from backing up.
  • Install a sump pump system if you have below-grade floors.
  • Landscape with plants and vegetation that resist soil erosion.
  • Consider storing irreplaceable family items and important documents somewhere other than the basement.

What to do DURING a flood:

  • Turn off utilities at the main power switch.
  • Move valuables, important papers and clothing to upper floors. If you have only one floor, put items on shelves, tables or countertops.
  • Sanitize your bathtub and sinks and fill them with fresh, clean water in case the water supply becomes contaminated.
  • If you feel threatened by rising water, leave your home or move to upper floors.
  • Never try to drive through a flood. Six inches of water can cause loss of control and possible stalling.
  • If you’re in your car when the water begins to rise quickly, abandon it and move to higher ground.
  • Stay away from downed power lines.

What to do AFTER a flood:

  • Check for structural damage before going inside.
  • If it’s dark, use a flashlight -Do not use matches, a candle or a lighter.
  • Listen for reports to see when drinking water is safe again.
  • Don’t turn your power on until an electrician has inspected your system.
  • Use your cell phone or another camera to photograph damage, which can help get your claim started sooner.
  • Inventory damaged or destroyed items – again, to expedite your claim.
  • Report your claim to your insurance agent or company as soon as possible.
  • Begin initial cleanup as soon as waters recede. Separate damaged from undamaged items and clean and disinfect everything that got wet.
  • When cleaning, wear a mask, gloves and coveralls to minimize exposure to possible hazardous materials.
  • Mold can be a hazardous result from a flood. Consider a professional service that specializes in post-flood cleanup.

The City Of Edmonton Offers A Complimentary Home Flood Prevention Checkup.

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