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Halloween Safety

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Staying Safe This Halloween

Halloween is here and that means we can expect little goblins and ghouls running from house to house yelling “Trick or Treat!” Many of us will spend the evening handing out treats to little princesses, ninjas, and perhaps a few monsters and ghosts. To make sure everyone is safe this Halloween, we’ve put together a list of ways to keep your property and your visitors safe from the terrors of the night!

With little monsters running up and down your front lawn we recommend keeping their path clear to avoid anyone getting hurt on your property. By keeping your path clean of decorations and debris, trick-or-treaters can easily find their way to and from your door. Keep in mind that some costumes may be bulky and may be less easy to move in or a mask could obscure vision. Ensure that your homeowners policy has the correct coverage to protect you from accidents like these. Many areas in Alberta such as Edmonton, Calgary, and Red Deer as expecting snow during the day and evening of Halloween. Ensure that there is no slippery snow or ice that could cause trick-or-treaters to slip and fall.

If you plan to have any Jack-O’- Lanterns lit on your property keep an eye on any burning candles. We recommend trying flameless battery operated candles to avoid chances of fire. If you prefer the real deal, ensure your pumpkin is in a safe place away from possible things such as a pile of leaves which could easily set fire, or in the path of costumes and fabric.

With a doorbell ringing, the pounding of little fists knocking, and the yelling of ‘Trick Or Treat!’ Even the most calm animals may be startled by this loud intrusion. A dog can become over excited and frightened by costumes and masks. We recommend making sure that your pets are secured away from the door while trick-or-treaters are visiting. If your dog where to get loose and bite or harm a child, medical expenses may be covered under your home coverage, depending on your coverage.

Some goblins may be celebrating Halloween by playing tricks in their neighborhood, this is where vandalism and property damage can become a factor. We encourage checking your homeowners policy to ensure you have the right coverage in case of any damage that could be incurred. Vandalism can comes in many forms. You may come outside on November 1st to see some toilet paper hanging from your trees, or on a more serious scale broken windows or vehicle theft can become a factor. If vandalism happens to your vehicle, this is covered under your comprehensive auto insurance policy, while theft from your vehicle, or vandalism to your property fall under your homeowners insurance.

Halloween is a fun celebration for all ages, help keep your home and visitors safe this season by taking these precautions. If you are unsure of what your homeowners policy or your auto policy covers, please contact your broker at Leibel Insurance Group. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Photo by from Pexels

Photo by from Pexels

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