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Home Water Damage Strategy

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Water damage in your home by a quick glance can be tricky to spot, and repairing water damage can be costly.  You want to look for any signs of odor, stains on the walls and ceilings, or black fuzzy growths, lifting and peeling floors, as well as drips.  If you suspect water damage already exists, you may want to call an expert for assessing the damages, and here are the some tips on water damage prevention :

·         Install a back flow valve on your sewer connections to prevent sewer overflow

·         Clean your gutters free of debris, while placing downspouts away
from your home foundation

·         Monitor your appliances and plumbing for leaks, and wear and tear on hoses

·         Install a sump pump with a battery back up and an alarm in case of a
flooding that causes a power outage

·         Keep floor drains free and clear of clutter

·         Have a plumber check your pipes for cracks and tree roots

·         Do not dispose of garbage and non-flush-able items down the sink or toilet

·         Inspect your roof every spring for wear and tear showing curls or lifting,
missing shingles, and also sagging spots

·         Purchase a flood insurance policy
(standard home policies do not cover flood losses)

·         Seal any gaps in your home foundation, outlets, or windows with caulking

Your broker can review with you the limits of coverage you have for sewer back up, and your exclusions with water damage as a whole. Let your broker know if you have installed any mitigation, ( sewer back flow valve and sump pump ), to protect your home from sewer overflow.  Keep in mind insurance companies have different rates and limits for sewer back up coverage.  Lastly, ensure to review your home insurance documents for any exclusions of coverage on your policy.

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