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Edmonton Classic Car Insurance

Is your hobby Classic Cars? Do you dream of new interiors and manifolds? Do you watch Berrett Jackson on Saturday nights? If so, Leibel Insurance Group is the place to insure your Classic Car.

As a Classic Car enthusiast you know that your car is special and unique, and because your car is so unique and original you need a specialized Classic Car Insurance Policy. We at Leibel Insurance Group have a specialty market that knows these things. Your Classic car deserves better than your standard auto policy; not only because of its value but because no one knows your car better than you do! In the same way you customize your car, you can customize your policy to meet your needs.

If you have your classic car insured on a standard policy here are some additional things to consider:

  • Cost – a Classic or Antique Car Insurance policy can typically be lower than your standard auto policy, and you have a guaranteed value. If you don’t have an appraisal we can help, our companies will insure your vehicle based on the value you specify.
  • Kilometers – Do you only drive your car on Sundays and to shows? If so that limited use of your vehicle could be a premium saver.
  • Towing – So your car breaks down on your Sunday Drive- a standard tow company won’t do. Your Collector Car Insurance Policy can include coverage for flatbed towing as to ensure your “baby” arrives home safely.

When your Classic Car is involved in an accident, we understand that this can be a difficult thing to deal with. An amazing benefit of having a Classic Car Insurance policy, is that the company we use gives you choices as to how your repairs will be completed. One option is to use the body shop of your choice, or they will even let you repair the vehicle yourself because no one knows your car better than you.

When you contact Leibel Insurance Group for a quote on your Classic Car, you have our guarantee that we will protect your car, your asset, as much as you do.

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