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personal drone insurance edmonton alberta

Personal Drone Insurance

Fly Your Drone Without Fear. Know You are Properly Protected with Personal Drone Insurance.
  • Third-Party Personal Injury Coverage
  • Cover Unexpected and Unpredictable Accidents and Liability
  • Protect Your Drone, Accessories including Mounted Cameras, and Grounding Station Against Physical Damage
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Personal Drone Insurance From Your Local Insurance Experts

Drones are becoming increasingly popular for both commercial and personal use. However, as many reports have shown, drones use comes with several risks. If you own a drone for personal use, you need to protect yourself from the risks you face. Personal drone insurance will defend you against the following risks:

Risks Covered With Personal Drone Insurance

  • Drone damage
  • Bystander injury
  • Property damage
  • Medical Expenses
  • privacy invasion claims

Accidents don’t just happen to reckless pilots. Accidents can result from battery drains, mechanical failure, strong gusts of wind and other environmental risks.

Do you partake in drone racing? Ask our expert brokers on the insurance options available to you.

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