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rental property insurance

Rental Property Insurance

Is Your Rental Property Properly Protected with Alberta's Best Rental Property Insurance? Get Your Complimentary Rental Property Insurance Quote Today!
  • Protect Yourself Against Theft or Loss
  • Know You’re Covered in the Event of an Emergency
  • Cover Unexpected and Unpredictable Future Expenses
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Are you renting a residential property in Alberta? Did you know that a home insurance policy will not properly protect you from tenant related claims? Even worse, if your insurance company sees that there are unrelated occupants in your home, they may decide to deny any claims you submit. To prevent these problems from occurring, you need to inform your insurance company of any renting services you provide with your residential property. This will not only prevent the denial of claims but will also provide you with the proper protection you and your residential property need.

Alberta Rental Property Insurance

A Rental Property Insurance policy will cover your personal property in the event of an insured peril such as theft, vandalism, fire, specific water damage as well as rental income protection. Even if you live on the same property, you will need to add rental property insurance to be property covered.

 Rental Properties we Insure

  • Residential Home Rentals
  • Condo Rentals
  • Apartment Rentals
  • Student Rentals
  • Short Term Rentals

Chances are your Residential properties are the biggest investments you have. Make sure you are properly protected with Rental Property Insurance catered to you and your residential properties unique needs.


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