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Boating Safety

Boating season is quickly approaching, and for some, is already here!

In Alberta, a license is required in order to operate a boat. Without this, you could be looking at a fine upwards of $250. Make sure you get yours! We at Leibel like to be helpful, so here is a direct link to information on licensing in Alberta
Legal requirements aside, boat safety while on the water is very important as fun can quickly turn into danger.

• Have enough life jackets on board for the number of people on the boatboat insurance
• Don’t drink and drive
• Take a course on boating education
• Make sure the boat is safe for use
• Bring paddles in case of motor failure
• Have a first aid kit handy in case someone becomes injured. Slip and falls happen!
Not only do we insure homes, vehicles, and many other assets, we also offer boat insurance! Make sure you are properly insured in case of an accident in or out of the water. Contact Leibel Insurance Group for a quote on boat insurance.

For more information on Boating in Alberta, check out the links below:

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