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How to Avoid Winter Slips and Falls on your Business’ Property

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Avoid Winter Slips and Falls on your Business’ Property

Bone chilling temperatures mixed with snow and ice are causing havoc in Edmonton this winter. According to the Edmonton Sun, slip and fall complaints have quadrupled this winter season¹. Keeping your business’ property clear and having Slip and Fall Coverage which is included in your Commercial General Liability Insurance are the best ways to ensure you will not have any incidents on your property.

To avoid the risk of having a pedestrian slip and fall on your property we have a few recommendations:

  • Be prepared
    • Have the proper equipment, including shovels, ice melt, snow blower, or removal service set up ahead of time. These tools should be easily accessible and ready for when the snow hits.
    • If you are heading out of town, make sure someone you trust is able to have the snow removed properly for you.
    • Keep a log of all snow clearing done on your property
  • Keep walk ways, driveways and stairs on your property cleared of snow, preventing build up.
    • Buildup will be more difficult to remove and can compact ice when melting and freezing occur. An area that may look like just snow could really be slippery black ice.
  • Use a Pet Friendly Ice Melt
    • Neighbors and locals still need to walk their animals. Using a pet-friendly melt will prevent animals from hurting their paws or ingesting harmful chemicals.
  • Insure your Commercial Portfolio with Slip and Fall coverage, included with Commercial General  Liability.
    • This insurance coverage offers you the peace of mind against claims, including the coverage of defense in the case of a lawsuit.


As a business owner your property is your responsibility. Keep these areas clean, clear, and insured to reduce the risk of someone being injured on your property, filing a complaint, or worse.


¹Edmonton Sun

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