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Meet Janet, Financial Controller in Alberta!

Janet Balanay

Meet Janet, Financial Controller in Alberta.

Janet holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics. She is currently working on completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration with an accounting major and actively enrolled in the CPA Professional Education Program. She was born and raised in the Philippines and migrated to Canada 8 years ago. With over 4 years of extensive accounting experience in a variety of industries such as insurance, car dealerships and construction, she has gained a unique and wide-ranged skill set that has helped her succeed to management accounting roles. Janet understands the importance of keeping family a top priority while staying on top of career demands, so when not crunching numbers, she spends quality time with her husband and their beautiful 5-year-old daughter. She enjoys travelling overseas  and has already visited many major cities in Asia with her family. She also often visits the Philippines to see her parents, siblings and childhood friends.

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