Going on vacation should be relaxing. Whether you are heading to Mexico for a week in the sun, or jet setting to New York to see the sights, you should purchase Travel Insurance. travel insurance

Travel Insurance is a smart investment when going on a trip.

What happens if you step on a jellyfish and need medical attention? Or maybe you break a tooth and need emergency dental. Canadians often overlook Travel Insurance because of comprehensive universal health care. Travel Insurance will help cover medical situations such as hospital expenses, private nursing, and ambulance transport. Dental coverage can often also be included in travel plans, therefore covering any sudden emergencies.


Did you know:

  • Travel Insurance can cover vehicle transportation in the case that you are not able to drive your vehicle home after an emergency.
  • In the instance of critical illness, Travel Insurance can cover the cost of having a family visit your location.


What we recommend:

  • Check that your policy covers your trip duration. Some policies only cover a single trip while others cover a day count.
  • Not sure what your policy covers? Always check with your insurer prior to travelling.
  • There are many different types of travel policies. We recommend contacting your broker to review the best option for you.


Not sure what travel insurance policy is best for you? Contact us today and we’d be happy to help find the policy that best fits you!

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