Yoga Studio Insurance

Have you considered opening a Yoga studio, or other fitness facility in Alberta? While offering a service that benefits the health and well-being of others, there are lots of risks that can factor in. Let’s take a look at Sidney and Mary for an example.

Mary and Sidney loved Eastern philosophy and fitness, and Mary had extensive experience with several types of yoga programs. In fact, she became certified as an instructor and decided to hold yoga classes twice a week at a local building. A gym there had recently gone out of business and Mary was able to rent the building for a reasonable price. Before long, she was in business with a lot of new students to teach. Sidney stayed in the background and handled all the business matters like keeping the books, and issues like fitness and gym insurance.

Things went well for over a year until a problem developed. A woman student claimed that she hurt her back while taking one of Mary’s classes. In fact, the woman said the pain became so bad she had to see a doctor and chiropractor and now she could no longer work and support her family.

There was some dispute as to whether the woman actually hurt herself or not, but she got a lawyer and sued Mary for a great deal of money. Mary asked Sidney if their insurance covered this problem and Sidney suddenly turned pale. He had forgotten to take out a liability policy on the business. Eventually the woman agreed to settle for $25,000 but Mary and Sidney didn’t have the money. This created a series of financial problems that eventually caused the couple to separate and divorce. This is only one reason why proper health & fitness business insurance is so very important.

When looking into running your own fitness studio, we recommend checking with your broker which coverage is best suited to your business. More questions? Visit our fitness insurance page for more details. 


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